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The Mad Sicilian is a premier pizzeria offering genuine Sicilian-style pizza, authentic Chicago-style pizza and traditional Napolitana pizza now proudly serving the Petaluma area. Our mission is to provide delicious, high-quality Pizza to those looking to have a satisfying evening with a delectable Italian meal. 
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Grazie Mille





A refreshing Greek Salad!
Fresh Romaine Lettuce, English Cucumber,
Cherry Tomatoes, Red Onions, Feta 
and Kalamata Olives.
George's Homemade Original
Greek Salad Dressing on the side.

Available NOW


The May's Mad Sicilian Pizza



The Mad Sicilian Pizza of MAY!


Pastrami is one of my hubby's favorites!! It does not surprise me that he and Naomi created an amazing pizza using such a flavorful meat.

Our Famous Napolitana Crust, a NEW Vidalia Onion Honey Mustard Sauce, Mozzarella, Pastrami, Red Onions,

Roasted Red Peppers and

dabs of French Mustard !!!

OMG...You've never had a pizza like this!


The Mad Sicilian

Chicago Style Pizza

Food Challenge

food challenge.jpg

The Challenge Winner will receive the following:

  • The Challenge Meal for FREE

  • $100 Cash Prize

  • T-Shirt

  • Photo on The Wall of Fame


The Challenge consists of

  • One order of Mama’s Meatballs

  • One large Chicago Style Cheese Pizza

  • One Cannoli

  • One bottle of soda

  • One hour to finish


  1. All of which must be finished within one hour by a single contestant including the crust

  2. Time will begin once the contestant touches the meal. A timer will be available for accuracy.

  3. To be declared a winner, the final bite must be swallowed and kept down for a minimum of 5 minutes.

  4. Each contestant will be seated at a table. Bathroom breaks will be allowed once the contestant finishes the challenge. The contestant will not be allowed to leave the table while competing.

  5. One beverage is required to finish the challenge; however, if the contestant desires to drink additional beverages, the contestant is welcome to have more than one drink. Fees may apply.

  6. The crust may be dunked in the Marinara Sauce of the Meatballs. Although, if the contestant desires Ranch for example, one 2 oz container may be requested. Fees may apply.

  7. Upon arrival of the challenge, the contestant must give a credit card number before the challenge begins. If the contestant fails the challenge, the meal must be paid in full by the contestant. If the contestant WINS… the meal is free!

  8. The contestant gives The Mad Sicilian permission to photograph and/or videotape the challenge for marketing purposes to be posted on social media or in print.

  9. If the contestant should be unable to keep the meal down at any point in the challenge, the contestant is disqualified and responsible for cleaning up after themselves. 

  10. The contestant takes full responsibility for participating in this food challenge. The Mad Sicilian will not be held responsible if the contestant has adverse reactions or side effects for consuming great amounts of food.

May 10
Dine and Donate

The Mad Sicilian is proud to host a Dine and Donate sponsoring South County Consortium PTO

Tuesday, May 10 3pm - 9pm.

The mission of the South County Consortium is to support students and families in Petaluma and surrounding areas by providing highly specialized programs for students in preschool through high school in their own communities. We support our students by providing integrative, individualized, and strength-based programs that foster communication, critical thinking, and technology skills. In collaboration with school teams, families, and community we assist students in gaining independence, achievement, and skills for becoming positive members of the community.


We offer very limited dining so it will primarily take-out.

See you soon!

Mention SoCC when ordering and bring the flyer

when picking up your order!


Check Out Our
Specialty pizza not on the regular menu

Mafia Menu

The Sopranos 2.jpg









The Crazy Greek 2


Crazy Greek

What are we up too...?


Trying to keep it fresh and interesting!

Check out our Events page to see what we are up too!

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Holy Cannoli

Original Cannoli Kits

available for Special Occasions

with a 48 Hour Notice

original cannoli


Holy Cannoli

This incredible dessert is offered

in a kit of 12 for your Special Event. Everything you need to impress your guest with a unique dessert that may be filled moments before serving or as an interactive crowd pleaser.

Made from the family recipe passed down from my Grandparents steeped in Sicilian Tradition!

Keep in mind, a 48 hour advance order is required.



Our famous Sicilian Style Pizza

...Party Size...

Dress this full sheet pan of pizza as one, in halves or even thirds. What ever suites your party needs. Keep in mind, a 48 hour advance order is required. The dough needs its rest. 

The pizza pictured is in thirds,

far side: Hawaiian, center: Pepperoni; closest: Black Olives and Sausage.

A $25 cash deposit is required for the sheet pan.




Food, Family, Friends, Fun

The Mad Sicilian is where a passion for cooking and creativity collide to produce mouthwatering pies.


The Mad Sicilian 

203 N McDowell Blvd., Petaluma, Ca. 94954

The Mad Sicilian is thrilled to offer a fundraising opportunity for schools, sports teams, educational programs etc. A 20% donation of all funds raised for your cause will be made. Please send your request below with information about your fundraiser and three possible dates. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks for submitting!


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Za Opening Hours

Takeout and Delivery
We partner with Petaluma Food Taxi for Delivery

Monday - Wednesday thru Friday: 3:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Saturday: 12:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Sunday: 12:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Tuesday - Closed

203 N McDowell Blvd., Petaluma, Ca., 94954