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Thank you for Sharing the love!!

Thank You for all the FIVE star reviews. It means the world to us that you enjoy eating our cuisine as much as we relish the opportunity to serve you. We take pride in our product and appreciate the time you take to write such kind words.
We look forward to seeing you again soon.
Grazie Mille!

Akg C.

Mill Valley, Ca.

"Amazing. You know the food is good when you're willing to drive in traffic to pick it up.
They have authentic Chicago style pizza, with fresh ingredients that you can tell they put effort and heart into every pie.

The Sicilian style is equally amazing.

Their entire pizza menu is unique with so many different and amazing choices. And did I mention the cannoli? So good you won't want to share!

A family owner mom and pop pizza place with amazing  flavorful pizzas! The owners can tell they truly enjoy making your meal great! Highly recommend and hoping one day they open a second store in Marin *fingers crossed*

Thank you for an another amazing dinner"

Danielle L.

San Francisco, CA

"Ordered the deep dish and the Sicilian - so delicious and the most warm and friendly environment.

Definitely coming back. The cannolis are to die for."

Janet Y.

Santa Rosa, Ca.

"5 Stars all the way .
Absolutely a must try !

Ordered a Medium Sized Deep Dish pizza , stuffed with sausage, mushroom, Canadian bacon topped with ricotta.

The crust is so good , seasoned well like a garlic bread .
The Marina is my favorite! Not to acidic and not to sweet , loads of flavor. It's the sauce for me . :)
The cheese is a mound full , Perfectly cheesy !
The chocolate Mousse Cups were very good , I enjoyed it.
I was amazed by the weight of this pizza overall  , order one and you will see what I mean .

The location was easy to find ; very welcoming environment .
Definitely ordering from here again."

If you want delicious deep dish pizza, this is the place to go! I have a sweet spot in my heart for the mom and pop shops and you could feel the love they put into their business! We have definitely make it back in multiple times now and we love how friendly they are there!
Our favorite was The Palermo with no black olives Chicago Style

Sabrina G.


Erin S.

Petaluma, Ca.

"We are MAD ABOUT the Mad Sicilian
We hosted our family for pizza night yesterday and ordered from these wonderful folk. Everyone enjoyed this spectacular pizza.

There were 6 of us in total: two teens and 4 adults. We ordered two with the Neopolitan, thinner crust base.  And One, SICILIAN crust.  We tried the pesto with the focaccia style Sicilian. We had a little tomatoe, parm and pesto with mozzarella.  Then we enjoyed, a Luciano.....traditional mozzarella with arugula and thin, crispy Italian cured ham. Magic.  The last pizza was a margarita. It to was chewy, just thin enough, perfectly topped and tasty.

They also serve a deep dish Chicago style pizza but, we saved that for next time. The two large pieces had good  size pieces. The largest had 8 slices. There are 6 generous slices in the Sicilian.

We will try a salad next time, too.

Thank you to these amazing pizza loving pizza professionals.  

You can order online or by phone.

P.S.  I spoke to the owner for a bit on the phone and he was a joy to talk to."


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from the publics view. I, however, would like to share them with you!

"very much a family ran restaurant to say the least. and the Chicago style is to die for. first time my mom who absolutely hates pizza has eaten pizza without any complaints. The pizza that is made here is nothing short of straight artistry. Recommendation is if your visiting Petaluma or even driving through you should stop by and quite convenient because its right off the freeway."

Pia B.

San Francisco, Ca.

"My my goodness! The Mad Sicilian is all about! Growing up in New York I loved my Sicilian style pizza but never did I have one this delicious. The crust is amazing. Light yet so flavorful with the perfect texture and crunch. The tomato sauce was so very flavorful and was on top of the cheese which we liked. Owner and pizza maker extraordinaire, George, informed us that this was a Sicilian tradition to keep the sauce from moistening the crust. Brilliant! It worked perfectly!
We added roasted garlic which was superb.
And then dessert! My wife loves cannolis and she was mightily impressed by the homemade treat here. Just beautifully prepared and absolutely delicious without being overly sweet.
George also gifted us his lemon tart which was divine. Also homemade in this gem of a place.
The service was outstanding. Great big smiles from Naomi and efficient polite service.
This is now one of our favorite places in Petaluma."

Eric S.

“Ordered a Sicilian and a large Chicago Style last night for pick up. Both were ready within 40 minutes as promised. Driving home, the aroma took me back to Gino's East in downtown Chicago, I was excited to try a slice (or 3).

At home, we favored the Chicago style which was a true cheese pie with sauce you might find in Chicagoland, but with a crust that was more reminiscent of the Bay Area rather than traditional cornmeal crust, which was a good thing. Appreciated having them score the top and not cut through to prevent the cheese from making a mess. I actually had leftovers for lunch today, still tasted great!

The Sicilian had the right bread/crust texture and good flavor.

Kicking myself for not picking up the chocolate mousse, given the reviews. . .”   

Steve R., Petaluma, Ca.

"I drove out all the way from San Rafael to grab a deep dish from the Mad Sicilian! Let me tell you it was worth it! This pizza had some weight too it.

Once I got it home I popped it back in the oven and cut myself a slice, oh sooo cheesy. Just like when I visited Chicago IL.

And you have to try the Cannolis. It's a family recipe and they're awesome! I should have bought more than one!"

David G., San Rafael, CA

“The half classic, half pepperoni Sicilian was exquisite. It's loaded with sauce and cheese, the top edge of the crust was crunchy, and the middle crust was deliciously chewy. Perfect for a family of 4, or a hungry couple!”

Jeff S., Petaluma, Ca.

“Fantastic Sicilian Pizza!!!!!
Delicious!  Thought we were in Palermo!!
Fresh and Tasty Desserts!
A Welcome New Addition to Petaluma!

The Scutari's, North Beach, San Francisco, Ca.

“Love their Chicago Style!
It had a lot of flavors, super thick and cheesy. Everything seems to be handmade and tasted amazing.
Recommend this place for sure. Come support a local and try out their whole menu.”   

Miguel F., Petaluma, Ca.

"Diggin' it. Hello Zachary's. Chicago is real deal. Adding to the menu that satisfies my roots. Had polenta and meatballs. While not as orgasmatron as old Rosso's, it felt more homestyle and that was great too."

Evan P.

"My husband and I just ordered for the first time. Our pizza smelled, looked, and tasted amazing! The employees were so friendly and made our food great. We will definitely be back soon!"

Michelle Yonkers

"New pizzeria in the Plaza North shipping center next to Starbucks. Tried a piece of their deep dish during the soft opening and it's legit!"

"I order an extra deep dish for the freezer and it's dinner all week! So good."

"Their deep dish is some seriously delicous pie"

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